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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hubby Knows Me Too Well..........

He would never be caught paying to go and watch any Sci-fi movie, but he knows I love just about all of them. I'm a easy touch for the 'special effects'. So he did the next best thing as part of my "Mothers" Day gift, he bought me the DVD, "Avatar". How sweet is that? Of course, upon questioning I learned he didn't shop at our local Blockbusters or Wal-mart. No, he bought them at a Wal-mart 30 miles away..........HaHa, he breaks me up!

So finally I sat down after he went to bed and watched it. Wow! for the visions of strange stuff. For those who haven't seen it yet; this all takes place on an alien planet far in outer space and way into the future. Strange looking animals, plants, and 'nature beings'. Some deadly, some beautiful.
Forget the story line, I found it to be so typical Hollywood. Think "greedy corporation" vs "nature lovers", literally. I don't know what I expected, but after all the hype I think I'm disappointed. EXCEPTION: The graphics were new and very "out of this world". Much more refined then past animation.

Second photo still:
Once the hero's (Jake is disabled soldier and in wheelchair) mind takes over his avatar's body (alien being), which is about 20 FEET TALL, he is giddy with joy to be able to stand, walk, and run. He'll eventually learn his avatar's tail has some special uses also. Note the humans standing beside his avatar.

I won't give anymore away for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. The ending is basically "love" takes "roots".......HaHaHa

Dang! I think I'll watch it again.........

Side note: We drove over to Delta Down's casino Sunday for few hours (no races or big wins). Ate some excellant Cajun food then drove home.
I received two boxes of flowers Saturday morning. I'm much loved old lady.

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