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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Two areas of my yard this week. I love climbing roses, and so do angels.

Mom was 59 years old when she died, but for 41 years she was always there for me, even when I screwed up.
I miss her company, especially her simple wisdom. She taught me life is just a series of antidotes, some good fun, some not. "Frowns and chocolate pie won't mix". "Lye will bleach, but lying only stains". "Modesty is to men as honey is to bees".
She really believed that every action, every word spoken had consequences. I wish more folks in today's world believed that too. Maybe there would be less 'frowning, lying, cheating, and stupid t.v. commercials.
~~~~~Going to find a fun slot machine and eat some chocolate pie today. Drive safe and watch out for me and hubby, 'Babe' will be on cruise control.
^!^ < me

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