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Friday, May 07, 2010

I Feel So Transported...............

(I love Lynette Cook's artwork)

I live through each day as a space traveler on some alien planet.
News reports of tragedy, scams, and just plain cruel stupidity taking over the airwaves each day.
Where am I? Surely this is not God's Green Earth?
But at least I have 8 tomatoes growing in a patio pot. No small task for old white thumbs, but is small consolation prize.
Forty-five years ago next Friday, I gave birth to a healthy male child. It was to be my only chance to birth and nurture a baby of my own. Through all the years of childhood illnesses, sports injuries, broken romances, overdrawn checking accounts, late car or rent payments, he was loved and supported unlimited. He always called or visited on Mother's Day.
Enter wife #4: Introduces him to smoking pot, doing 'speed', got him hooked. She had the power over him to leave Earth seven years ago and sever contact with any of his family, his roots.
Mother's Day No More.......
Space travel for broken hearts can't come soon enough.

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