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Monday, May 03, 2010

Nudged By Inflation and Hard Rain Won!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the race Saturday, so I was picking the winner by name rather then their appearance. I did watch the re-run later that night and it was exciting. It was very muddy track and thank goodness, no accidents.

The Starting Gate:

DEVIL MAY CARE (sight unseen was my pick) If I had seen her white streak, I would have seriously picked another horse. She started in #11 and finished in #10 spot. Bummer.

We had traveled to College Station Texas for the day. Our granddaughter and her hubby have bought a new home and we went to see it. They'll be moving in within 10-14 days. We're so proud of them and especially of our great-grandson. We went to the sports field and watched him played baseball. He was playing short-stop and did a great job. We were surprised also that he was put in eye glasses on Thursday. He looked even more "smart".
After the game we all went out for lunch at his favorite deli for sandwiches and "buttermilk" pie. He really enjoyed being the center of attention to both his grandparents and great-grandparents, and we enjoyed him.
We didn't get home until 8p.m., but it was a very nice sunny way to spend a Saturday. Certainly better than rain. 'Babe' hates to be driven in the rain. ^!^
This may be the last week of SIL day-sitting hubby needs to do. SIL also was offered and has accepted a supervisor job starting in 3 weeks. The company will be building some new building on Texas A&M campus. He'll be back in his groove......
My step-daughter is delighted he'll be going back to work (it's been nearly a year). She was convinced sadly he had become a "big baby" while recouping, but I reminded her that most men are more needy when they're grounded. Fortunately, he's not permanent grounded as some are so his occupation doesn't have to change much. And I reminded her this new job is actually a step up from 'foreman' and will be easier on his back and hip. She relented to that and agreed. But she's really glad their income will be boosted, because living on just her salary had really put the pressure on her. She said she is feeling the extra load is being lifted off her shoulders.
I probably shouldn't have said it, but I pointed out how husbands must feel when they have both a wife AND children at home to support. I know she was remembering she didn't take her first job out of need, but from boredom after the kids started driving in high school.

Oh, well, live and learn, right?
I'm digging out my paints and modeling tools. I'm making a serious attempt to get back into my arts and crafts. I use to be able to sell them and feel good. I don't know if the shop that made my frames is still around, but maybe I can create something besides havoc. Hubby said he would be interested in putting the train sets together again if I would help build the town. Wow! this old house might start to hum again.
Wish us luck.......

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