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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Optical Illusions In 2 Minutes - Non-Political

Pretty cool.........How did he do that??

Hubby is finished with 'day-sitting' our SIL. The doctors have released him to go back to work at end of month.
"Oh Joy"! now I'll have a bored old man to entertain everyday with as many "honey-dos" as I can think up.

Then again, maybe I could rent him out during the day, since he knows how to microwave frozen lunchs, and all the channels and times for day time TV sports shows.

Classifies: "FOR RENT- Mon-Fri 5-3pm, within six miles from home, a smiling almost deaf gentleman. Will watch sports re-runs and take short naps. $50 per hour. Call wife at 222-2221 "

......sounds like a money-maker to me.

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