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Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a Hop and a Skip, but no Jumping......

Had a grand time with great-grandson. He loved his first visit to mountains, the cave, and particularly the swimming pools at each motel we stayed in. He now LOVES fried okra!!

Hubby got frazzled (got lost) the only time I turned Babe over to him so I could do a quick nap on the way home. He woke me up saying "where are we? I missed a turn!". It was panicsville for 10 minutes. Otherwise I drove the entire trip.

My cell phone bite the dust (the flip hedge broke) and I had to go in for a new one. Geeze! So many choices! I told the guy I just want one to make and receive phone calls. I don't do texting or photos. None he showed me use the same recharge plugs as mine, so he sold me those as well. Then to add insult to injury; he couldn't transfer my 'phone book' because he didn't have a plug for my "old" phone, so I spent some time re-entering all the names and numbers. Bummer.

We're catching up this week on a few things before we leave again on our "Adult Vacation" to the West Coast.

The birds ruined the potted tomatoes, and the heat got the potted flowers, so that is a loss cause now. Yardman came and the sprinkler system is working so the grass is green.

Hubby took "Babe" in for a good Wash and Wax and she's now back inside her garage, safe and snug. She performed beautifully on the trip. At one point on a mountain top I think she was "yodeling" with excitement while cruising up and down and around the mountain sides like a roller coaster car. Her and me were in the "zone", as they say. Hubby and g-gson, on the other hand were glued to their seat, eyes fixed on the road, clinched fists, wishing for Texas flatlands.......

Ok, now I've to get stuff done. Stay safe and cool everyone.

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