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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It Just So Happens..........

Oh, I may just be a twig on the big tree, a grain of sand in the desert, a ripple in the ocean, a bump on a log, BUT I DO HAVE A LONG MEMORY AND THE RIGHT TO VOTE AGAINST THE MOST BIGOTED, LYING, CROOKED, ELECTED POLITICIANS TO COME DOWN THE PIKE IN AMERICA'S HISTORY!

The Republicans had better check their egos at the door, team up and get a DETAILED PLAN into their talking points to the public for restoring jobs, solving the illegals coming here, scrape the ObamaScare health take-over, OR they will be "former" politicians also. ARE YOU LISTENING MICHAEL STEEL??

And to all Texans: Governor Rick Perry may not be quick on the draw on everything, but at least he's not a back shooter like that mealy mouth wimp, Bill White (former mayor of Houston, who allowed it to become a SANCTUARY CITY for illegals).

~~~That's my rant for the week~~~~

H/T to Chuck for the video. Beware he's preparing to go back to Iraq in November. Go over and wish him well and a safe tour of duty, if you aren't already one of his supporters. Great American and real Hero.

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