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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Cooking Really Stinks........

I hate my own cooking. Go beyond pasta or grilling a steak and I really can't get it (the meal) to come together. Ex: Meat is done but bread and veggies are cold or veggies and bread are hot and the meat is cold. See what I mean? If I do pancakes or waffles, don't expect eggs also. No, I just can't get it off the stove together. Maybe that's the real reason I prefer pasta with salad or steak with baked potato.

At the first complaint from hubby about what I'm serving for our dinners, "Where's the mashed potatoes AND the gravy", " Why are the fries cold?", I know it's time for another casino trip. Hubby loves their buffet three times a day for a couple of days, and he does eat several veggies with a meat at dinner. All hot on his plate....Dang! I'm so lame at cooking for just two people. Did I mention he will not eat left-overs either?

So he loses at Blackjack, but gains in the buffet, while I do the opposite, win nice size jackpots and eat like a bird. Which does keep us on the "Anything she wants is comped" list. I guess casinos know the wisdom of showering on a few winners to draw in the gaggle of losers.

Now if only I could justify hiring a real cook to come each day I know we would come out better eating in our own kitchen, but Hey! Like the man said, "To write with a broken pencil is pointless".

We're voting early today. Let the games begin....

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