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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Me And Bloody Mary Have Catching Up To Do.......

So we returned from our casino trip and I promptly came down with a serious sore throat. I thought I had 'strep' so off to the doctor I did go. It wasn't 'strep'. I'm such a baby. A shot in my rear and I can swallow again. Have much eating and drinking to make up for that little disruption.

So to get into the right mood, I'm stocked up with V-8.

So glad those miners all got out without harm. I was getting a manicure yesterday and all the women in the place were glued to the TV each time the cage popped up then "yahooed". A lot of prayers were registered for those 33....so glad God answered them.

There's a lot of chatter about the California's Jerry Brown staffer caught using the word "Whore". Women of the night are probably most offended since they actually do work for their money. The others are just Tramps......Now I guess I've offended bums and hobos. This PC crap is just distractions.

Hubby and I still butting heads over the kind of tree to have replanted. I want fruit or flowering....he wants some kind of boringly dull oak. The birds don't care, they're getting tired sitting on the power lines. Hell may freeze soon.

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