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Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11 -- Veteran's Day

Today would have been my Dad's 87th birthday. He died December 2001, just before Christmas. I still miss him. He liked to joke that on this day the banks and post offices were closed just for him. He was my first Hero. Hubby is my last.
November is proving to be a busy month for minor home stuff.

So far I've have the cooktop burner repaired (expensive little sparky thing to light one burner was bad).

Had the Maytag microwave replaced with a Whirlpool model (Maytag's mother) and hope that ends the aggravation of "Close Door" error. Weird that it was cheaper to buy a new one then order parts and wait two weeks to 'try' repairing the problem.

Then yesterday the fence company came and replaced the entire section and gate entry to backyard. Hubby also had them make the gate opening a tad wider for the lawn guys' mower.

Tuesday I have jury duty. That should be interesting. I'm in the mood to send someone to prison for rape, murder, or robbery.

Exterminator quarterly service is scheduled. One pumpkin pie dinner party to attend...Oh Joy!

Then one weekend at our favorite casino with family and friends. We still can't believe two hubbies are foregoing deer hunting to join their wives! Maybe it's the start of a new tread? "Giving up 'Shoot the deer' for 'Shoot the dice'".......HaHa

It's coffee time, yes?

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