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Friday, January 28, 2011

Time flies and freezes

Can't believe I haven't posted this year, but I've been occupied. Thoughts have been clogging up my brain once again, I had another birthday, plus we've done a little traveling. We also gave baby brother a helping hand after his wife had back surgery. I cooked and did laundry, while hubby watched sports tv and napped. He's such a riot....love him. Nothing will change his routine except a lightening strike.

I broke a tooth chewing pizza. The dentist glued it back, since it was my FRONT TOOTH! Now we're beginning the process for another implant.

Today is like sunny spring here in Houston. Rain is due tomorrow. We've heard son is divorced again, now shopping for wife #5 I guess.

Now I'm going to sit on the patio and drink wine and enjoy this sunny day while I can.

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Call Me Grandma said...

Hi Chevy! Just stopped by to see what was new with you.
At least the sun is shining in Houston. PA ain't seen the sun for I don't since when! Can't wait for the good ole summertime.

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