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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

82 And Still Counting......

Today is hubby's birthday. How I got lucky enough to snag one of the last "knights in shining armor" is beyond me. I'm sure no princess, but he has treated me like a queen for over 40 years.
What gift do you give a 82 year old man? His tastes in clothes are now simple and his closet is full. His health limits any sweets, his tool box runneth over with tools. He wears hearing aids so music CDs are wasted on him. Some men are just hard to buy for, aren't they?
I've make a few mistakes in the past on gifts for him, so I've learned to be careful on what I give him. He claims any gift is wasted at this point, he needs nothing. But I keep trying.
On his 50th birthday, several of us pitched in and sent him a belly dancer to his office, but he was not impressed. The other guys in the office reported they enjoyed her. But Hubby said he thought she was a bit too fat to giggle the bells in the correct order on her hips. I think it was more embarrassment because he was "the boss". So it was a dud gift.
Oh well, next time I would give him something he could share with just friends and family.
On his 55th, I gave him a Surprise Party. Spared no expense, rented the VFW hall, hired a top band, had 400 guests with a open bar, I just knew he would be thrilled. He appeared to be in a state of shock the entire evening, you know that "deer in the headlight stare"? I had a success, he was surprised!! I had a great time!
It turned out some of the guests he thought were dead years ago. We had managed to locate several childhood friends, who were by then, old folks. So he was staring at them quite a lot.
He did get some real funny gifts. This was when the National highway speed was 55, so he got several "Speeding Passes" and "Get Out Of Jail Free" slips.
After we got home later, he made me promise to never surprise him like that again, cause all his memories would be of shaking hands with several formerly 'dead' people, and try to blow out all 55 candles and not faint! I still had a great time!
For this year's I guess I'll give him hugs and kisses, grill him a big steak and tell him it's from his last slain dragon in the freezer. Then I'll drink his wine. I'll still have a great time!

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