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Monday, June 29, 2009

"People Are Weird", said one dog to the other

I've mentioned my 'boys' before,(That's them at the top) and since they'll be 12 tomorrow (7x12=84 human yrs), I was wondering what must go through minds of senior canine.

You see, living with me is usually a boring grind. Being a Capricorn, I'm made that way. I don't particularly like surprises and I'm keeping a routine most days.

Anyway, my 'boys' are old and I'm aware how more and more each day they depend on keeping me close by. Especially "half-blind", he follows me room to room.

He will sit or lay down if I'm in the kitchen, even for a couple of minutes, and wait for movement as his cue to follow me elsewhere. What must he be thinking?
  • "Will she drop something I can eat? Will I see it fall?"
  • "Why does she take dishes out of the dishwasher and immediately put new ones in?"
  • "Why is she pounding hell out of that meat? I can chew tough."
  • "Why is she trashing the best parts of that chicken, the BONES? I NEED FIBER!"
  • "I wonder what's she drinking, bet it's not TAP WATER?"

Then when I'm in the bathroom;

  • "Why is she standing under spray water naked? She should go outside and lay under the sprinkler on the cool grass, that's very refreshing."
  • "Exactly where is she stuffing that toilet tissue?"
  • "How does she make thunder sounds without moving her lips?"
  • "What's her point in rubbing goo on her face, nothing changes? Does she have fleas?"
  • "Why does she grunt and groan putting on certain pants?"

In the evening when I'm watching the televison news:

  • "Who is she yelling at and what exactly is a "Commie Idiot"?"
  • "Will she take me to a Tea Party too? Will they serve cookies?"
  • "At least she isn't pecking it to death, like she does the computer. And how much is a "damn spell check" worth?"
  • "Why does she have "Red, White, and Blue" blood and I have just red?"
  • "Most humans are strange, but my quirky queen is weird, wonder if she's from different planet?"


I love these dogs, and am amazed they're still devoted to a old crazy like me, but then I do have the fingers to open food cans. Anyway.........


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