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Friday, June 26, 2009


...those 5 words by John McRae, a commenter today on the WSJ opinion article, "The Cap & Trade Fiction". There are several good commenters debatting the fraud of the science of humans changing the climate, and show repeatly that it's just about the money the government can take.

I think it would make a good bumper sticker, since if passed it will make Gore a very happy, rich wacko. You see, he owns a cap & trade brokage company that will be in the fore front of what we peons will pay to drive, eat, drink, or the hours our light bulbs burn. We all know the "Gore Tax" on each of our phone bill that Clinton signed, didn't solve a thing, so why give him any more?

To any that are in favor of this bill, I suggest you should go ahead and drink the koolaid now, for you will be the first to squeal like a stuck pig when you see what this will cost you personally.

This could be the final push over the cliff for America, if it passes here and in the Senate, Hugo and Castro will be partying tomorrow, "One More Nail In America's Coffin! Bring On National Health Care! Yahoo Fascist Democrats!!".

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