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Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Hammers, Drills, Saws For Sale, CHEAP!"

Just one of the many industries that will be crippled for years if this "Cap & Trade" bill passes the Senate in November and is signed into law by BHO.
Note the short 8 year Uptick? That's the government's promised construction jobs that will eventually peter out. It's those nuclear power plants to be built, and some road/bridge repairs.
Which won't be really as necessary with less traffic, unless they all lead to Washington D.C., then they'll be paved in gold.
Sidebar: I still find it absolutely amazing how Americans over the age of 50 can be weeping over Michael Jackson dying, and every news network devote hours of airtime to interviewing anyone who ever met him, saw him, own his music, or watched him on TV.....And yet not pay attention or understand what our Democrat-controlled government did late yesterday and really be sobbing!?!
To quote a old favorite, "Beam me up, Scotty, this world is self-destructing".

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GUYK said...

yeah..but that is what our country has evolved to...a place where the death of a kiddy diddler pervert makes more news than congress trying to diddle us!

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