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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Morning Equals New Week

Well, nothing new on this home front, just slower.

Hubby is still 'day-sitting' our SIL, which included one day driving him to the 'knee doctor' and to his barber for a hair cut. SIL is still using a walker, but getting stronger every day.

Hubby also reports that he's watching more deer hunting shows on TV then he would ever care to, but SIL is controlling the remote. Now he knows how I felt when we had only the one TV with a remote control in our house (now we have four).

All the while I'm lingering here at home, alone...(I still miss my 'boys').

I spend hours scanning the Internet. My recipe list is growing. Now if I can just get all the ingredients together at the right time, I may try again to baste, boil, grill, cream, spread, sprinkle, bake or stir something new for us.

The couple I have tried.....on Hubby, did not turn out like the photo OR the taste I had expected.

Another misunderstanding between me and my brain. "Never trust a woman with a skillet if she's selling a cookbook", should be my new motto.

But in all honesty, my cooking and eating it has resulted in my losing four pounds. So I can see a bright side to 'feeding the disposal' the remains of those delicious photos.

I still contend anything tastes excellent with any color of wine.


It's nearly dawn now and I'm on my third cup of coffee. I did manage to sleep 3.5 hours so I'm as rested as I ever get. Hubby still sleeps solid 7-8 hours. Some mornings I slip in and check on him if he's still sleeping like a baby. I'm so envious.

But then I've never in my life slept like that without first a nurse popping me with a shot in my rump. I'm just one of those Night Owls you read about. My motor doesn't turn off, it just goes into idle for few hours, then roars full throttle.

Enough of this dribble.

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