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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Wonder How Lawmakers Sleep At Night? (click here for story)

Thank goodness for these dedicated policemen and the FBI having the DNA on file and the FBI lab worker who did excellent work in the testing.

.......how many other unsolved slashed throats/rape cases of little girls and women weren't as lucky to survive this 'paroled' monster in the past 19 years as this eight year old?

In my opinion, this is further proof why we should use "7-11" for all convicted child molesters (7 years for all appeals, then execution at 11 p.m.). I think it would have a chilling effect on people giving in to their sexual appetites and would keep children safer.

Through the liberal laws, courts, and judges in our country, we've allowed a large segment of Evil to thrive and even live among us.

Google your neighborhood for "Registered Sex Offenders" and be prepared to be shocked (In my tiny area there are 14 registered, living within two miles of where I sit.).

Obviously Laws don't actually protect children until after the assault attack, and then they only "sugar-coat" the punishment with parole and monitoring, IF the offender will only register please.

Oh, I know there are excuses made for giving them a chance for redemption, but that cost money and I say, kill'em and spend the money to repair pot holes. Cold hearted? No, life saving.

So by becoming a more liberal justice system, our country is actually harboring Evil Doers. And they are breeding like rats down in the sewers.

Is it not enough this system allows millions of babies to be aborted each year, and destroy children's innocence through public school system, and the "entertainment" media? Evil is as Evil does.

~~~~~~~Need further proof of weak links in the law?

The President's appointed "Education Czar", Kevin Jennings, is an example of liberals risking children's safety, rather then protecting them. This man was appointed and approved by Obama, without a public background check. Now we learn he has a public record for excusing an evil doer with a minor child. This man still has his high salaried job and Obama's support.

Where is the outrage in that?

How does Obama explain to his own children the harm they might suffer someday at the hands of some pervert, and can still justify allowing this man to continue in his adminstration?

Is it because he and Mrs. Obama are both lawyers? Does their study of law mean they see how impotent child protection laws are and they are impotent to make them stricter? Are child molesters just not on his liberal agenda, or he has no real power of office to hire and fire?

America is becoming or already is the Devil's wet dream.

Where will it end? Or is this just the outcome of more liberal freedom?

Me thinks I'm too old and weak for this world anymore.

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