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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cold Sunny Saturday....Finally!

Chilly but sunny this morning and the furance is operating. I can now justify wearing socks to bed each night......haha

This has been a real 'do-nothing' much week, except I did finally figure out how to dub VHS tapes to DVD. So each morning I've been putting one of our home tape in to copy to DVD. I can't watch much, just enough to start it and then I leave the room and play poker. Some scenes of my dead relatives are still painful to watch. But I don't want to lose the video history. Someday my grandson might want to see what I looked like at 18.......Gasp!!

Today Hubby and I are going into Houston so he can receive his award for 50 years as a Mason. He's a 32 degree. I will take my camera incase I can take photos inside their temple. We'll also be going out for seafood lunch, which I REALLY LOOK FORWARD!

I'm out of here....

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