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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Thousand Words In One Picture

So Congress posted the 1500+ pages of their National Health bill.
This is NOT the final version, they have to merge it with the Senate's bill, but I hear, Obama wants it on his desk by Thanksgiving to sign into law. (Good choice: Turkey Day.)
After looking at Congress's bill, I understand why they will merge behind closed doors, in order to "plant" all the "bugs" and "viruses" that will be in the final bill.
You will then understand why they need the next four years before putting it into effect.
It takes time to track down every breathing body's bank records, piggy bank, mattress stash and our medical records linked to their system BEFORE knowing how much they will ration your care.

*I do enjoy the cartoons at Townhall, they just don't mince words.
And I snagged this from Dudley's Diary blog.

Other news here, I have a new friend/Pet. He's a seven year old boy on a bike.

He was here Saturday at my yard sale and wanted to buy the entire assortment of HotWheels race tracks and buildings I had in a large plastic box with lid (like 2'x2'x40" big).
He held out his hand showing a wadded up dollar bill and 3 quarters, and asked if that was enough? I had priced it at $10, it was accumulative of several complete sets. I took the 3 quarters and told him "Sold"!

His eyes were just sparkling and he was jabbering about how much he loves HotWheels. A lady was also standing there and we both smiled as he closed the lid and could barely lift it and started off the drive. I asked him if he could carry it and over his little shoulder he said, "Oh, yes, I just live a street over". He carried in ten feet, sat it down, got a new gripe, carried it ten feet, sat it down, got a new gripe, doing that until he turned the corner. I guess he did that determined task all the way home......because,

......as I was unloading my car yesterday, he rode up on his bike, just to say hi. I asked him if he got home with the box ok and what did his parents say? He told me that he got it home and his mom and dad said, "Wow"! Then he asked me if I had anymore toys? So I pulled out another box that I hadn't bother to put out and let him pick through it while I was carrying in the groceries. He selected several Batman action items including his car minus the rockets (lost). I told him he could have them as long as he would keep them in his toy box when not playing with them so as not to upset his mom. He agreed and we bagged it up so he could manage it on his bike. Then I ran him off so I could close the garage door and he said he would come again to visit me on another day. I hope his folks don't mind, but.....

I need to bake some chocolate chip cookies, because I do remember all little boys love them.

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