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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weather She's a changing.............

My local weatherman really called it at 5 a.m., when he said we would be having hard rain, strong wind throughout the day starting around 9 a.m.

It blew in about that time and I heard a loud roaring sound........rushed to window expecting to see the trees lifting out of ground. Instead I saw our trash pickup truck with two small (Hispanic?)guys in this very hard windy rain chunking the bags of trash into the back of the truck. I couldn't help but wonder how much they get paid per hour? Doing a job that doesn't require any degrees, or speaking English, just a strong back and low sense of smell. I can imagine also that it's one of them with his wife at Wal-mart on Saturday buying a basket of groceries, with 3 or 4 little kids in tow.

I guess they'll be up 'salt creek' if Democrats pass national health care because all these companies will be laying off workers or at least cutting pay, due to the "fines" (code word: TAX) they will be paying. Which will also mean our monthly fee will also increase and probably for just one day pickup, instead of two.
FYI: I read that Nicklaus Gage is trying to sell his Italian castle half-price ($15 million!) in order to pay his BACK TAXES..........Egad! I need to let him and any other super hero actor know that I can keep books and certainly file in time with IRS. First it was Wesley Snipes, now Gage! What is happening to Hollywood? We weren't surprised to learn half of politicians cheat on their taxes, but movie stars!! We're dirt poor but have never cheated IRS one penny. Of course, we've skipped vacations or nice gifts from Santa a couple of times to send the check.
I'm scouting intel for living in Costa Rico. I'm needing tropics so bad right now. I'm itching to see clouds of butterflies and colorful birds LIVE!! I see a trip in my future...........
Just got off the phone to our exterminator to reschedule our quarterly service. No need to come and spray today........any cockroaches outside trying to get inside have drown. Hurrah!
And it's still raining................

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