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Monday, October 19, 2009

You Won't Hear This On The Evening News...click here

Tighten up your belts, folks, 'cause it's going to be a rough future. These Obama appointees"Tax and Spend" know-it-all.......No, make that "SPEND and Tax" know-it-all are now hinting their spend, spend, scheme is backfiring.

As this article points out with quotes, it's Obama's cold cue that higher taxes are coming.....on everyone and everything. It's the only way they know how to hold on to their power. And they make excuses sound so forgiveable also, don't they? It was Bush and the Republicans' fault or "too bad, it was not in time to make a difference", etc. etc.

Our government has become like a blood-sucking tick, it's so bloated, it will soon explode. When that happens we will, for a fact, be a third world economy. Think at least TRIPLE INFLATION.

My advise is stock up with today's dollar, hunker down and protect your family as best you can. The paper greenbacks will make good toilet tissue and under the table bartering will again reign.

National health insurance and Cap & Trade if passed by Congress will be the push over the cliff.

The Democrat's Great Depression of the 20's was nothing compared to the one coming.

I predict, due in part because today's Americans are too divided by "Hyphens" and too many with low morals. Charity will get you robbed or killed in today's society. If you share today, then they suspect you have more you aren't sharing. Sound familiar? Think Pre-Hilter Germany pointing to their depression as the Jews' fault, or communist USSR.

I get sick just worrying about my grand kids and great-grandson living through the coming years.

Don't give me any lip service defending that buffoon, Michael Moore, or scumbag, Al Gore, either. They are insiders that are sucking off all the gullible college-educated morons......Our supposedly future leaders. When their converts find there is no work to be had within our country, Gore and Moore will be living in their South of France villas with their money in Swiss Bank accounts.
O.K., That's my rant for today. It feels like spitting in the wind too.

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