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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Was Glowing Today.........

Took the nuclear stress test today. The tech teasingly said the injection would make me glow....Ha Ha But FOUR HOURS! Most of which was just sitting in the lounge between scans, and finally the treadmill. If I ever need this test again I'll know to take a book to read. Just preparing for it had my nerves a tad edgy, nothing to eat 4 hours prior, but more importantly NO caffeine for 24 hours prior....that was a bummer.

This finishes all the tests that my doctor ordered and now scheduled for next Wednesday to get the results. I'm expecting he'll tell me my cholesterol is too high and put me on meds for that. My blood pressure was 123/60 resting and 154/68 coming off the treadmill. I think that's good?

I got home about 4:30, only to have hubby say the shower head in the master bath wasn't leaking, it was broken. So off to Lowe's we went and luckily found a Delta polished brass that matched the handles well enough. Then we went to Denny's (I love their coffee) and we had grand slams for supper. I had four cups of coffee just to get me back to my usual level of speed.

It's almost midnight and I'm doing a little laundry. I'm doing Thanksgiving dinner here for us and my step-daughter and her hubby (the SIL recouping from back surgery). All the kids are scattering to the four winds to go deer hunting or to the other grandmothers in Ft. Worth. So I suggested eating here and watching football. They said 'great'. So tomorrow I'm baking a couple of pies and bought a 10 lb ham (honey cured and fully cooked, naturally) so I think it will all be edible.

We sold another piece of property this week....Miracle of miracles for cash. Now have the patio lot at Westwood Shores on Lake Livingston listed at rock bottom price of $2,000. Which is a real give-away considering it's a gated community with 18 hole golf course/club house, marina/dock, a real nice RV section, and two huge swimming pools. We bought it 22 years ago just to have access to the RV park and the pools for family and friends use. I loved camping up there. I use to take my 'boys' walking early in the morning and at the lake's edge we'd watch the sun come up over the water. It was some of our best camp outs and much safer then in a open park.

Anyway.......I'm rambling now and the dryer just buzzed so I'm out of here to tend to hot towels.

"Happy Thanksgiving To All"
(just incase I don't post again before Thursday)
And God bless our military and their families for their sacrifices to
keep our country safe. I pray they are reunioned soon, safe and sound.

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