"A Sleeping Mind Is A Dreamer"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No More 50%, I'm Going 100% Goofy....

After a really great weekend with good food, great drinks, and a few fun relatives, I kept my doctor's appointment yesterday..........only to be told I may be falling apart and will need a batter of tests to determine just how fast I'm falling.
"So wrinkles and sagging isn't all there is to getting old?", the sleepy old hag asks.

The one saving grace is the doctor suspects this gad-awful ringing in my left ear, (which I've used for years as reason for drinking myself to sleep many nights), may actually be caused by the carotid artery. So maybe there's a time coming soon when I'll be able to sleep without the alarm screaming inside my head. Hallelujah!!

But then again it might be the doctor suspects Obama will altered Medicare so drastic next year that I'll be required to go straight to "the death panel"....Which I guess would be serve the same purpose for improving my sleeping.

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