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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spam Made Me Do It.........

I don't receive many comments anymore, but the most recent one (probably a troll type) was for Viagra........Ha Ha
So I think I have it set for moderating now. I'll know for sure when I get a email informing of a comment. I also need to figure out how to remove that spam.
UPDATE: Well that wasn't hard to remove. There's a trash can that I clicked and it was deleted.

We have company coming in tomorrow for the weekend. Sort of mini-reunion. One of our nephews and his family are flying in so we can all meet one of his two daughter's new beau. I expect there are wedding bells in the future also.

I'll dusted and polished up enough the last few days to convince me "we had got too much stuff"!

It's wine time here at "Junk City".............

1 comment:

GUYK said...

Heh, I am not deleting a page of e mail at a time. I just dont have time to read 500 plus every day. I try to read mail from friends and even have opened another mail service for close friends but spam has found it too.

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