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Friday, March 26, 2010

Farming Time........

HaHa------I wish I had room to put in a real garden. I wish I had the strength like I once did to farm.
Instead I potted a couple of large pots on the patio and the two out in the yard with tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers. I poked some watermelon and squash seeds in one flower bed, just to see if they will make something besides a vine. Then I potted a few flowers.
My back is attacking me now. Sleep is avoiding me again, although I caught him for hour and half. Will "crash-nap" later I am sure.
Hubby made it to N.Carolina ok, except the seat was very uncomfortable on his little jet plane. The weather is about the same and he had dinner with a few of our family members at a nice cafe near their hotel. So all is well with him. I know he'll have good stories to tell when he gets back home.
I wouldn't ever let him know this, but he looked so frail at the airport where he insisted I drop him off at the door. "Don't pay to park just to wait for me to leave", he said, "Go do your shopping." So I did, but I feel a tad worried letting him make this trip alone. Although he is probably in better health than I am right now. That's what happens when time begins to speed up, it will eventually catch you.

Well, it's 6 a.m. so guess I'll catch some more You-tube. I've been watching animals videos. I watch "How to catch a king cobra"...EEEK!! I've also read up on what bugs and spiders are considered food or are at least, edible. Somewhere in the near future that might be useful information.....survival needs a strong gag center.....Yuck!

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