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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Leaving On A Airplane ----NOT !!

Hubby is flying out today for N.Carolina. He's attending one of our great-nieces' wedding. So I'm home alone until Sunday. Boy, am I going to be lonely.
I'm still having circulation problems. I've started back drinking my ACV toddy twice a day (apple cider vinegar w/honey and water). That should help blow the sludge out of these veins.
I'm also checking into joining our local health spa with a swimming pool. It's part of the hospital complex, so if it's not too expensive I want to join. (I wonder if Obamacare would pay for it? - just kidding). I'm sick of this extra ten pounds. Particularly after I read stories about the British man at 840 pounds (60 stones) too heavy to be carried on a stretcher, or the 14 year old USA girl who is going under the knife to put a band on her stomach, she weighs 400 pounds. She admits she's a junk-food addict and couch potato. Geez!!!
I so miss my 'boys'. I knew I should not have watched that "Lassie" movie yesterday afternoon. But I just couldn't take another minute of every other channel where BHO might pop on and spew some more lies. I'm also sick of all the "rebal hot air" and sewer speak on blogs, news article comments, and now VP Biden's dirty F-bomb gaffe replaying.
I did read where some irate supporters/Pro-lifers are suggesting mailing 30 (silver) dimes to Congressman Bart Stupak, the Democrat who sold his vote for $700,000 for two airports back home.
But a better idea would be to scan and copy 30 Dollar Bills and mail that page to him with a note that the "real" cash will be sent to whoever his opponent will be, come November.
Think that would shame him? Or do you think that would result in being put on some Federal Data List of "Do Not Resuscitate This Teabagger"?
It's raining right now. I hope it clears up before time to drop Hubby off at the airport. I hate driving his pickup. I sure ain't driving "Babe" and take the chance of getting her wax job messed up. She's just too sweet looking inside the garage right now.

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