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Monday, August 02, 2010

I Do Love Hot Wind and Hot Slots

OK, now I can say I've been to Las Vegas. Hot, crowded, long walks between place to place proved me right.......that I waited too late in life to enjoy the place.

With thousands of slouchy dressed people on the street (was sight painful) and our snobby waitserver in Landry's didn't improve my opinion. A $25 tip on $350 food bill might give him a clue that his smartass smirks and comments to out-of-towners cost him, not them. Maybe he was probably a banker in his former life, or doesn't understand some Southern folks love lobster AND plenty of hot coffee DURING the meal. Definately wasn't a people pleaser.

I do love Harrah's in LAUGHLIN, NV! Also had high temp, but with strong wind, it wasn't bad walking around outside. Plus I was very lucky on High Limit Slots. Wow! Really made the trip pay for itself. I love it when I bring home more then I took to gamble.

Hubby had a great time too. He was impressed with not only with the climate, the food, but the Blackjack dealers as well. He wants to go again. In fact, our entire group had a great time. We all agreed laughing is good medicine and doesn't cost a cent. Just wish I could remember some of the jokes told. "Lady Luck and Laughter" were with us for five whole days. Our Cajun friends were the life of the party. I swear they should go on "Last Comic Standing" and do their bit about trying to make love in their Jacuzzi tub. They are in their 70's and are a riot!

Side Note: As I mentioned before this was my first time flying since just before 9/11. So a couple of new experiences awaited me; I barely passed inspection (too many metal bracelets and bottles of wrong size), but sitting for 4 hours caused the lack of circulation to my ankles to break out later in bloody red spots. Ugly. I had drank one bottle water and one glass of wine during the flight.

So on return flight I drank only wine.....no spots. Which proves to me at least, my blood is more fermented grapes then water.

Now we're home and Houston is having another 102 day. No wind, high humidity, can hardly breath outside, just don't seem right for it to be so miserable here.

We're keeping great-grandson once more before he starts school on 23rd, but this time will be short day trips. Maybe to Galveston to check out the beach sand, then visit "Moody Gardens" for some tropical birds and butterflies. And maybe a IMAX movie or just play games on computer........as much as possible inside with A/C.

Ok, time to play Jewel Quest to next level.

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