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Monday, October 04, 2010

Still Kicking and Screaming

Blogging has sure slowed down this past year. No longer do some of my favorites exist, while some of the others just stopped posting entirely. Then there are still others that turned out to be not as honest as implied, which is a disappointment. Blogging is like smoking to me, once hooked, it's hard to stop...

Hubby and I are doing fine right now. He just finished up his annual last Wednesday and we go in later today for the results. Not expecting any bad news.

We took off Friday morning to our favorite casino. Met up with my "good luck" girlfriend and had another great weekend. Hubby actually made money at Blackjack this trip. I did pretty well also. Nothing I won drew notice of IRS, but all together was a +$ in my pocket. My luckiest and most fun was the $1 Wheel of Fortune slot. I had many 'spins' so even though I didn't get the $1000, I got $100 several times plus $750 once. It's a noise maker and drew a crowd when I kept getting the 'spin' so often. Folks love to see a winner, don't they?

Saturday morning g-friend and I left hubby at his tables and we made the rounds of other casinos. There's 5 others, one of which has the race track. No races but I won $240 on PURPLE 7s on one slot I played, that was a first, usually Red, White, or Blue 7s are winning colors. Thoroughbred races start later this month and I promise I will go if for no other reason than to watch.

On our way home we spotted a roadside vendor selling birdhouses, so we stopped and bought a 8-hole Red and White two-story birdhouse. The old man builds them and his wife made and sold Lap-quilts, which seemed pricey at $100. She does them all on a machine which seems to lose that homemade touch. I suspect she's saving up to buy a full set of denture teeth. Mumbled when she spoke real bad and can't imagine how she eats anything besides tomato soup and oatmeal.......

"Babe" ran like a thoroughbred bringing us home. 25.2 miles per gallon of premium. For a 1997 Lincoln Towncar, spacious and comfortable with 141,000 miles that ain't bad. I just put her on cruise 70 and she does the rest. No fighting her steering, no vibrating, just smooth slide. Hubby and I felt a bit sorry for those folks in those bright shiny tiny recycled cans (cars?). Hunched over and crammed inside for hours ain't traveling to me, it's torture. So what if they get 35 miles to a gallon, if they wreck all are dead or crushed for life. We had a couple of Coopers passing us, meaning they were going over the 70mph limit, and I wondered aloud how much they pay for insurance. Must be more then "Babe's" plus her driving record is clean and clear. No traffic tickets to gorge premium. I plan to drive her until one of us dies, then she'll go to the DAV charity (Disables American Vets). I'll just become ashes in a jar.

I had a dream last night that woke me up feeling sad. I dreamed of my "boys" sharing donuts with me again. I am reminded how much I still miss them. Haven't had a donut since either.

Well, that's it for now. No one seems to read my dribble any longer so this is now just a Internet journal. I did start a Facebook, but quickly dropped it. Weird folks were emailing me to accept them as a friend. Just not into making any new ones, but do check up on a few family members especially one crazy niece who always has a new joke.

I'm out of here for now..............

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